Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We are in the middle of that dance of Fall and Winter. Fall has firmly held the lead but Winter is now letting us know that it's his turn.

Two days ago, Richard noted several hundred Cackling Geese flying overhead.  Cackling Geese are smaller Canada Geese.  Those travelers would have summered in the high Arctic.  His comment was that they were probably traveling ahead of a front.  That means a shift in weather drama.  Yesterday he noted a flock of 100 Robins earlier in the day.  We had dinner on the deck, perhaps our last of the season, and noted another flock of 100.

Yesterday was a beautiful day filled with memories of Summer, without ticks and chiggers, I might add.  Temperatures were in the low 80s.  Winds were up though and change was in the air.  We could see clouds tracking toward the North and we knew that today, they would be tracking toward the South.

Some people pay big money to go to sporting events and theatrical plays under big city lights.  We just hang out at the Farm where we have front row seats on pretty much anything Nature provides in these parts.  Every second of every day that amounts to no less than grandeur. We couldn't be more content.

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