Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Challenge on Butterfly Hill Farm

Of course, we have faced (and will face) numerous challenges on this Little Farm. Permit me to share this one, tongue in cheek.

On Memorial Day, we made Homemade Angel Food Cake, Homemade Ice Cream (from Raw Milk and Cream). We added fresh Strawberries from our very own patch. Since we ate this late, I did not take any pictures. The lighting just was not right.

The challenge: What should we do with the Egg Yolks left over from the Angel Food Cake? The Old Timers never wasted anything. I don't intend to waste those Egg Yolks. We do our best not to waste anything here. I won't say we are perfect, but we try.

Today, I was thumbing through the Joy of Cooking Cookbook (copyright, 1997), which I love. Surely, this hefty text would help me with this dilemma. And it did.

I made Vanilla Pots de Creme (with Egg Yolks, Whole Raw Milk, Sugar and Vanilla) (page 1015). While the baked pudding was cooling, I headed to the patch and picked Fresh Strawberries to put on top. The recipe called for the puddings to be completely cooled and refrigerated. We decided that was not necessary. And indeed it was not.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. Again it was too late. The lighting was not right. Besides, we didn't want to be delayed from our treat. I shall try to make this again, earlier in the day, and take pictures to share.

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