Thursday, May 7, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 17

OK: We try to watch the doin's in the Brooder House without being too intrusive. We are on Day 24. The Book says from the time a Hen begins to set on Eggs, the hatch time is usually 21-23 Days. We Humans have been a little antsy, wondering what is going on. We've been pretty helpless about the whole thing too. That feeling is not one that Humans are particularly comfortable with. We have given it our best shot.

About 30 minutes ago, Lacey headed off the Nest for a bit of a spin around the House. Richard headed outside to look at those Eggs. In the meantime, she clucked about, acting like nothing was out of the ordinary. She took a little dustbath, which must have been quite luxurious judging by her sounds and actions.

Before she returned to the Nest, we began some basic tests. Melanie and Richard floated the Eggs in Water. I took pictures and am now writing away on this Blog.

Our observations suggest there is Life inside and that it is progressing. The Eggs are floating and riding higher on the water. That means that the air cell inside is larger. The angle should be tilted some right before it hatches. And the angle was present on many of the Eggs. Plus, we noted that many of the Eggs wiggled ever so slightly in the water. Were we imagining things? Was it the Wind? We don't think so.

After their individual tests, the Eggs were dried off one by one by Richard. Melanie placed them carefully back under Lacey.

As we completed our testing, Melanie commented: "Don't give up, Lacey." I think she was telling that to the Humans too.

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