Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chicken Eggs-Stravaganza

We had an Open House today for our Egg Customers. Two motivating factors were: the Littles are still Little and Cute; we wanted the Egg Customers to get to know the lovely Hennies who lay their Brown Eggs. We know all too well also that many people want access to a Farm these days, but don't have one anymore.

We had never done this before, but can say that results were Eggs-Cellent. We had 17 people (including 4 family members who had traveled to the area).

The Hennies and Littles were on their best behavior. As for Freddie, he was also on his best behavior while he was in his own little pen.

We showed off our new cane field which Hollis had planted just minutes before. People got garden tours. Kids were exploring the Hen House looking for the Eggs. Some were considering raising their own Chickens, so noted house design. Others just liked to watch the Littles as they scampered about in the tall grass. We all enjoyed sitting and visiting in our little sanctuary of shade.

The Kids helped get the treats served. We had Apple Cake and 2 Freshly Brewed Teas (Peppermint, Lemon Balm/Chamomile).

One of the visitors said that she would like to come back next year and see the progress that we have made. We look forward to seeing that progress too.

People were Egg-Zuberant. The afternoon was Egg-Citing. We shall have to do this Egg-gain.

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