Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 16

Today was Day 22 marking Lacey's setting on her clutch of 9 Eggs. Usually, Chicken Eggs hatch in 21-23 days.

We checked her periodically throughout the day. None of the Eggs were cracked or had begun to be "pipped". Although unbroken, one Egg smelled "rotten". None of the rest did. I held one, listening very closely to it. It seemed different than a freshly laid Egg. I could almost sense a Heartbeat. Was this all in my imagination?

We tried to float the Eggs. Richard said the floatation seemed right for their stage. While we Humans were in the middle of this little Human-contrived project, Lacey, who was not to be denied her Eggs, headed back to the Nest and knocked over the water. Our little project of floatation ended.

The Humans were a little antsy, but fortunately we had other distractions today. It was the 1st beautiful day to be in the Garden after a long cool, wet spell which had seemed to last forever.

Lacey seemed to look up at the Humans and say: "Chickens have been doing this for a very long time. It will be O.K."

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