Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Favorite Days

Today was the pure essence of my favorite days in the Garden. We have had Rains in the last few days, but they had stopped. The Soil was wet, but not saturated. The Temperature was cool. The Sky was overcast. It was a perfect day to work from the edge of the Garden Beds.

One must take care not to put undue pressure on the Soil as it is easily compacted. That damage lasts far longer than just a few moments in the Garden. So I just sat on my bucket in the paths and carefully reached over into the Raised Garden Beds.

I tucked in lots of Flowers along the edges. It was a "Flower Day", according to my Biodynamic Calendar. I tucked in Marigolds through the Sweet Potato Bed and the Cabbage Bed. Those cheery little Plants are hard working Companions in the Garden, warding off Pests. Plus they add vibrant color. I tucked in Snapdragons, Petunias, and the tiny Alyssum; I had grown them all from Seed.

In the Cabbage Bed, the Calendula and Beets had germinated and I was thrilled. Sometimes, they were too close together. So I carefully lifted them up with my knife, so as not to damage the little Plants or their Roots. Then I carefully separated them and placed them so they would be further a part in the Cabbage Bed.

The cool, moist day and the moist Soil permitted me to work in the Garden with the least intrusion. While I was hard at work rearranging, it seemed a lot more like Play. It was good for the Plants and it was good for me.

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