Thursday, May 7, 2009


We seem to be experiencing an intensity of 2 critical Life Passage Points in those around us: Birth and Death. It is up close and personal. I feel like we have walked from a dark room into the great glare of Sunlight. It hurts. It is hard to focus. We can only see that immediate sphere around us, and just barely at that.

We are in and out of the Nursing Home supporting Mother's journey and intersecting with the Lives of other Residents. While distant in the past, "End of Life" is now a familiar Collection of Words. Those 3 Little Words do not smoothly flow upon the tongue.

We held those 3 little Bunnies in our hands earlier in the week and we rejoiced at New Life. As they nose dived, we put them back into their Natural Home. Did they survive?

We just received 56 Baby Chicks from the Hatchery. On their Excursion visiting Residents at an area Nursing Home, they were a part of a great contrast. In their wake, they left Magic every place they touched. Their survival now rests in our hands. Six will be a part of the laying Flock. The other 50 will be spoiled and loved; in August, they will go into the Freezer.

Lacey sits on her 9 Eggs well past the expected hatching period. We watch and wait. Is there Life inside? Will they hatch?

We stumble on Nests as we walk about in Meadow and Woods. We watch the Swallows swoop, teasing out their places to raise their broods.

We are planting, planting, planting. We are celebrating the Wonder of Seeds, as we tuck them into the Soil and as we marvel as they emerge.

Scampy, Melanie's Dear Cat of 14 years, has been spending a lot of time cuddling in recent months. Has he been saying "Goodbye"? These past few days, he has taken a turn. He may be headed beyond the Physical Realm. His loss will not be easy.

These days, we use a lot of cloth Hankies (Hankettes). They have been put to good use. We may need more than we have. Doing the wash helps, although they make a tiny load.

Birth and Death are parts of Life. In these moments, we get to hold them all. I am struck by how very little we know of either of them. I would surely reach for the "Cliff Notes" if I could find them. For some reason, we seem to be sitting in the Intensity, Glare and Wonder of these 2 Adventures. We are intent on Learning the Lessons. But it is not easy.

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