Saturday, May 23, 2009

Dust Baths

May 21:

The Chickens luxuriate in their Dustbaths. Our Resident Ornithologist tells us that Dustbathing for Chickens is instinctual. Even the Little Ones in the Rooster House who are only 3 weeks old enjoy Dustbathing in a Lid of Soil.

Why? Humans cannot know all that is going on in Chicken-dom. On the surface, Dustbathing's purpose seems to be to smother Mites. But there surely must be more to it than that. Just watching their pleasure tells the Viewer that Chickens love their Dustbaths. When the conditions are right, they engage with abandon.

On this day, the Temperature was perfect. The Sun was warm. The Breeze was light. The Soil was loose. Melanie counted 19 Chickens at one time snuggled in the loose Soil under the little Elberta Peach Tree.

I wonder if there are similar pursuits in the Human Realm. It seems to me that while our actions are surely different, we 3 C's luxuriate in the Beauty and Wonder of this little Farm.~~~~
Note: That last picture is Freddie the Rooster (on the left).

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