Saturday, May 23, 2009


Certain moments on the Farm just fill me with glee. I can hardly describe it. Those moments are unexpected. And there they are. I just smile that wide smile that comes from the spontaneous magic and joy of the child we all have inside.

I won't say that I did not have such moments when we lived in the city. I just seem to have more here. And I relish each and every one.

One of my favorite sights is watching Turkey Vultures overhead. Yes, I said "watching Turkey Vultures overhead". Often, they are flying in the company of a smaller, pesty little black bird. Richard says those smaller birds are often Eastern Kingbirds or Red Winged Blackbirds.

The size difference is astounding. The Turkey Vulture's wingspread is 67", which Melanie says is the size of her (only horizontal). The Red-Winged Blackbird's wingspread is 13". The Eastern Kingbird's wingspread is 15".

Those little Birds will often grasp themselves to the back of the Turkey Vulture and catch a ride. Yes, I said "Catch a ride." I cannot even imagine what that experience would be like. But if I were such a critter, I would surely like to do that myself.

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