Thursday, May 21, 2009

Hello, World!

On this day, the Chickey Peepers headed into the Big World around their House which is surrounded by a Great Tall Fence. They are 18 days old. Melanie decided it was time.

Melanie noted that as they saw the barricade lifted which had separated them from the Outer World, they were standing on the Edge of the World they had known. They had just found out their World was bigger. They were not quite sure what to do.

Pretty soon, they were running up and down their ramp. Plus, they were peeping merrily as they were running through the Tall Grasses. Their Big New World resembled a Giant Dirt Cup, which they found to their delight. One found a worm and was briefly puzzled as to what that might be.

Thankfully, the Chickey Peepers were easy to get into their House as Daylight turned to Dusk. Melanie turned on their warming lamp and one by one, they had a snack before bed and found roost places for sleep. As per our tradition, I sit inside their House on an upside down bucket. I hum a Human Lullaby which seems a very appropriate thing for a Human Grandmother Hennie to do. Melanie and Richard carefully inspect the Tall Grasses outside for errant Chickey Peepers. They were all inside, closing out their day and getting ready for another.

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