Saturday, May 16, 2009

Morel Mushrooms

May 2:

Morel Mushrooms are a local treasure in these parts. People anticipate the season looking for just the right conditions. For weeks ahead of time, they speculate whether it will be a good year or a not so good year.

Richard headed into our Woods today and found some Morel Mushrooms. I can hardly believe that the Land we bought has Morels on it.

I took in a Morel Mushroom to the Nursing Home today to share with Mother and other residents. The Ladies just sparkled on seeing that freshly picked Morel in the plastic container.

They spontaneously shared stories of gathering these treasures on the land and talked of their favorite methods in preparation. Some dipped theirs in an egg batter and then coated them with cracker crumbs (or flour); then they fried them in butter until crisp and golden brown. This is our favored way.

One said she just fried them in butter. Dipping them in egg batter made them taste too much like egg. I guess we must like them to taste a bit like egg.

We had our first meal of Morels this evening. I remember years ago, Hollis and Deleta froze some up in water for us and overnighted them to our home in North Dakota. What a precious gift this was. We were so excited. I had not realized how much those humble little treasures made me feel at home.

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