Monday, May 4, 2009

"Hen to Set" Saga: 15

Today was Lacey's 21st day on her clutch of 9 Eggs. The book tells us that the range of days to hatch is 21 to 23. So far, the Eggs show no signs of pipping. Sounds from inside the Egg are also imperceptible to date. I wonder what is going on inside those shells. I wonder what thoughts are floating through Lacey's head.

Our order of 50 Male White Rock and 5 Black Australorp Female Chicks was scheduled to be shipped from the Hatchery today. For newbies to these things, Male Chicks are called Cockerels and Female Chicks are called Pullets. We aren't exactly the newbies we were 2 years ago, but the language is still awkward.

If this year is anything like last, the little Peeps hatched early this morning. They were put into the mail soon after. I wonder where they are now.

Our resident Ornithologist tells us that unhatched Chicks use the yolk as their food source throughout incubation. Some of the yolk is stored internally so that the hatched Chick can continue to use the yolk as food a day or two after they hatch. That's why Baby Chicks can travel during that period before they need food or water.

We should get a call from the Post Office either Tuesday or Wednesday morning saying the Chicks have arrived. I wonder what kind of call we will get from our own Brooder House and Lacey. Things will be speeding up around here very soon.

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