Thursday, May 21, 2009


On this inbetween day when it is still too wet underneath to do much but still OK to be in the Garden, Melanie works toward the creation of sturdy and supporting Paths through her Garden Beds. She brings Cardboard and wheelbarrow loads of Straw into the Garden for this Day's initiatives.
She first places the Cardboard on the Paths inbetween her Raised Beds. The Cardboard has been stripped of tape and elements that will not biodegrade. This fibrous material which will break down slowly over time will keep down the Weeds on the Path. On the Cardboard, she piles the Straw. Presto! She has the paths she desires.
It seems like a good start to the Garden is to consider how one will walk through it. I can only imagine the Dance of Footsteps which will weave themselves about in this place over the Summer's Growing Adventures.

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