Wednesday, May 20, 2009


These past 2 days, Richard has been intent on building Raised Garden Beds. This should help with drainage, permitting easier and earlier access into the Garden. Plus, it allows for Soil Enrichment. Our worn Clay Soils and the Veggies which find their homes there would surely like that.

In these 2 photos, Richard turns the Soil with a favorite shovel named "Bob". That Shovel was a gift of the UND Biology Department at his Retirement in 2007. Richard named the Shovel after Bob Shepherd who went to great lengths to make sure Richard had this particular shovel. Bob, the Human, knew the wonders with which this trusty shovel and its Human Companion could engage and complete.

On these days, we can get into the Garden, but it still is too wet to do a lot. The conditions are perfect for creating Raised Beds, which will give support for our Garden Work in the future. Always thinking and refining, Richard has his eyes set on this one.

With trusty Bob, Richard digs a trench around the bed, heaping the Soil on top which creates the Raised Bed. The trench will become a path inbetween the beds. Its gentle slope to the South will also assist with drainage.

Richard banks the edges with wet straw used around the Compost Heaps. On top, he places luscious Composted Cow Manure. He has one Garden Bed completed (in the foreground). Before he and Bob are done on this day, he will complete 2 more.

I wonder how much Soil this Team has methodically pushed on this beautiful Day. I think Mr. Shepherd and the Biology Department would smile.

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