Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy Day

We had frost this morning, which is unusual.  Our last frost date for these parts is April 25.  The weather report tells us that the expected low tonight is 31, which means there may be scattered frost again.  So far, things look very good.  The potatoes whose foliage was gorgeous did get burned. That's the only damage we have seen so far. 

We bundled up and took a long walk this morning down the lane in front of the house.  It was wonderful. We walked a total of 3 miles.  We were reminded that it is a good idea to check the wind direction when we start off.  We should start our walk facing the wind.  And when we turn around the wind will be to our backs.  It just makes more sense that way. 

We had fun looking at the flowers and plants along the way.  Walking permits we 3 C's to look closely at the vegetation that we see.  And every time we do, we head to the botany books for identification when we return.  You just don't see such things when you whirl by in the car.  Plus, Richard noted new sounds in the woods.  Migratory songbirds are back. He is so good at identifying their calls. 

After our walk and breakfast, we headed outside to tend the Garden and do chores.  Melanie and I worked on the herb gardens.  Richard weeded raised beds. 

Later in the day, Richard said he would help me plant Lentils and Black-eyed Peas.  Lentils and Black-eyed Peas are cool season plants. Once again, I was on a mission.  I gathered up my Seeds.  When I went through the Gate, I put down the Pan of Seeds and my Notebook so that I could close the Gate.  That's Chloe Jean inspecting the pan.  "What ya got for me?"  Not much, she concluded.

In preparation for the planting, Richard weeded the raised beds and dug the little furrows for the Seeds.  I then planted and covered the Seeds.  We have raised Black-eyed Peas before, but I have never raised Lentils.  I did not put in much of these 2 plants this year, so I could "test them" and see how they grow before I raise a larger volume.
Afterwards, we checked out the beds Richard had weeded.  They looked wonderful. That's Onions in front and then Peas behind.  The Onions are doing well, and those Peas are really growing.  Soon they will be racing up the cattle panels (fencing), at least we hope so.  For now, look at them go.

We took time to watch the Bluebirds.  Bluebirds always remind me of Mother.  Mother loved Bluebirds.  She'd be pretty tickled that we have a pair nesting in the Garden. They surely must already have young. That's Papa in front.  He has the brighter coloring.  Mama is in back.  Her colors are a bit softer.

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