Monday, May 23, 2011

Root Day

Today was a Root Day, so we focused our efforts on things related to "Roots".  It was one of those days that you yearn for because significant progress is made.  What did we do?
  • Got Garden Beds ready.  That Soil surely does look nice.
  • Planted 43 Sweet Potatoes (Georgia Jet).  15 were interplanted between the new Service Berries and the remainder had their own bed.  We decided we would plant 7 more, making our total 50.  Plus, we will be planting about 8 of the Red Oak Leaf variety.  The remaining plantings will occur at the next Root Day, which will occur in about a week.  I was really tickled that all of the actions regarding Sweet Potatoes occurred during "Root Days". That would include: starting the Tubers in water, pulling off the Slips and placing them in water to root, removing rooted Slips from water and placing them in sand and water, and today, planting them in the ground.  Yes, we try to do things "in the sign". 
  • Gave about 15 Sweet Potato Slips to Emma for her family's planting.
  • Promised about 20-30 Slips to the Possibility Alliance, which is the Farm to the South.
  • Planted 25 Peanuts (Tennessee Red).
  • Planted about 90 Leeks.  We still have a few to go.  Due to their late start, they are little on the small side, so we will wait until the next Root Day.
  • Got 20 Bales of Straw. Completed more paths.  Mulched in the Peanuts and the Sweet Potatoes.  They now look like Hostess Twinkies.  I guess not.
  • Admired my Dry Edible Beans at various points during the day.  The Warm Sun combined with just the right moisture meant those Seeds just popped and those 1st 2 leaves just began to unfurl. 
  • Ushered "Dew Drop" back into the Rooster Pen.  Dew Drop is a White Plymouth Rock.  He is by far the smallest of the new Baby Peeps, most of whom came 3 weeks ago.  Since he is so small, he seems to be finding his way through the fence.  Richard noted that at one point, he was just making himself at home among the larger Hennies and Roosters. They must have seemed like Giants to him. 

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