Tuesday, May 17, 2011


On this day which was a "Flower Day", Richard, Melanie, Mike and I worked on the Flower Beds on the West Side of the House. This is very special for me because we were adding in some of Mother's Plants.  Plus, I added in other Plants which were known and loved by the Old Ones, the Grandmas of Yore. It is a perfect fit with the Grandmother's Flower Garden which is what I am creating here.

I was thinking about the design of the one Bed and I knew that it should have some Rocks.  All the Flower Beds should have Rocks.  Fortunately, we have quite a few Rocks from our collection over the years.  I selected and Mike placed Rocks around the Bed.  One is quite large and it makes me smile.  This Rock is from my Gardening Mentor and our Dear Neighbor Marcia Melberg.  She had it in her Garden on the west side of her house.

I asked Mike if he knew what a "Cairn" was.  And he did.  In fact, he has built several before.  Cairns have been used since the times of ancient peoples.  They are markers, often along pathways.  It seems to me that this is an beautiful symbol and honoring of the precious pathway upon which we have been placed. I have no idea how he did this, but I sure am glad that he did.

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