Monday, May 2, 2011

Waiting in Cue

Melanie and I are likely to pick up Baby Peeps at the Post Office this a.m. We are awaiting our call. If it is not today, it will likely be tomorrow. Usually we can hear Baby Peeps in the background: peep peep peeping.  Postal Staff always seems grateful that we have picked them up as the Chickie Peepers lovely soft peeping chants reverberate off the walls.

After picking up the Chicks, we will take them into the Nursing Home where we have gained lots of wonderful friends. The old ones really love them and have many stories to tell.  The staff love them too.

It's May and we are picking up full speed here on the Farm. I need to put together a "to do" list. Yikes. Another part of me says, "I don't wanna".

The phone just rang. False alarm. It was Uncle.

In the meantime, I'm heading to the kitchen to fix Oatmeal for breakfast.  We Farm Ones need a hearty start for whatever unfolds this glorious day.

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