Sunday, May 8, 2011

For Mother's Day

For Mother's Day which biodynamically was a "Flower Day", we did some planting in the Flower Beds.  I am so excited.  We brought home 5 of Mother's Hybrid Teas.  She has always been known for her Roses.  We planted the Roses, Purple Violets, Columbine, Mums, an Iris (Caesar's Brother), Miracle Lilies, Black Eyed Susans, Himrod Grape, Lily of the Valley, Lily (from Rachel), Maltese Cross and 2 Clematises.  Most of these were planted in the big Garden to the East of the House. 

We still have to plant: Spirea (Bridal Veil), Peonies, and some of the above.  Most of this will be done to the West of the House. The Soil in this area has minimal top Soil and is mostly heavy Clay, so we will be working on the Garden Beds to increase their organic matter.   Many Plants which we have previously planted there aren't happy. And the Gardener who weeds is not happy to chisel out the Soil.  We have worked very diligently to replenish organic matter in other Garden Beds and we can surely tell the difference.  It just makes our Souls and the Plants Dance.

When I think of it, we knew when we arrived here that the Soil had had about 150 years of use.  We knew that it was tired.  We knew that our role would be to work to restore it.  We think we are making progress, but we have a long way to go. 

I kind of forget until Mother's Day arrives that I have had and have many Mothers in the world.  I need to get with it and sending some notes to some of my Mothers who have dearly nurtured me.  If any of them are reading this (and other Females besides), Happy Mother's Day. We surely need to celebrate this every day.

Amazingly, we arrived on this little Farm 4 years ago yesterday (the day before Mother's Day).  I wanted to come in time to see Mother, who had just gotten out of the hospital.  Plus, living so far away, we were almost never around for Mother's Day.  I surely did not want to miss it.  And I smile when I think about the Mother's Days we were blessed to share.

It seems fitting that we chose this Day to plant Flowers.  My Mother was always planting Flowers and giving them away.  That's one tradition I have chosen to keep.

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