Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Turn

On Thursday, we will be having a "work party" at our little Farm.  On that day, 6 homestead families (including the 3 C's) will gather to help on any projects that we have here on the Farm.  We have a master list of possibilities. Today, we will be narrowing that down.  Plus, we need to make calls today to let Folks know what's ahead.  That would include: list of possible tasks, what to wear, what tools to bring. We are thinking about food for the crew too.  Farm workers get hungry, you know.

This is our big week of preparation for the Seed and Plant Exchange.  Plus, spring gardening is in full swing.  Nevermind, spring cleaning is waiting patiently in the wings.  There is always something going on here on the Farm.  It's wonderful to think of Folks giving of themselves to help us at this very special time. We get to hang out with Folks we just love to spend time with anyway too.

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