Friday, May 13, 2011

To the Rooster House

On this day, Melanie decided that the Littles should go to the Rooster House.  We waited until Joni arrived.  Joni is in the area these few days. We feel richly blessed that she decided to spend some time with us. Melanie thought it would be just the thing to have Joni participate in moving the Baby Peeps from their boxes to their new digs: the Rooster House. The moment she arrived, Joni was ready for any and all Farm adventures.

So what was the "Moving Van"?  That big box was filled with 107 Baby Chicks:  White Rocks, Buff Orpingtons, New Hampshires and Barred Rocks. They looked like a moving carpet of luff.
Before they let them out, Melanie and her Dad had fixed up the Rooster House to accommodate the Littles.  Joni and Melanie set up their feeders with Chick Feed and Oatmeal. Their waterers were in place.  Straw was on the ground. Part of a bale of straw and the little "balance beam" were put in place to accommodate their natural love and seeking of higher places.
At precisely the right moment, Melanie tipped over the box.  And out they came into their whole new Big World. Once out, they seemed scared.  But then they quickly settled down in their new paradise, where they found lots of Treasures. 

By the way, did you see that Clover? Wings with emerging Feathers were tested for short Flights. Sometimes the Little Chicks looked like Popcorn, popping here, there and everywhere. Over time, they settled down. 

We never tire of watching them. It's like getting a beautiful glimpse of Life Itself.

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