Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Liberating Carrots

On this beautiful day, Richard, Mike and I headed to the Carrot Patch to "liberate Carrots".  That's code here on the Farm for "weeding Carrots".  And it's no small job. 

When the Weather is wet and the Garden is muddy, it is hard to get into the Beds to weed.  Meanwhile, Weeds are taking advantage of the situation and vying for their secure place in the Carrot Bed.  Or is it a "Weed Bed"? Weeds typically grow far faster than Carrot Seedlings.  And they are huge compared to the Carrot Seedlings too.  Their robust size means they can quickly overshadow the Tiny Carrots. As you might imagine, those 2 Carrot Beds had been calling and this was indeed their Lucky Day.

Weeding Carrots is tedious work.  A person cannot go fast.  You surely have to think about what you are doing.  It is contemplative work.  And Weeding goes a little faster and smoother when in good company of Fellow Weeders.  For these special days, Mike has joined us an Apprentice.  His intent is to help us with any work in support of the Seed and Plant Exchange and this Season. We are deeply grateful.

We 3 C's love our Carrots.  They are one of our staples here on the Farm.  We can hardly believe it but last year we raised enough Carrots for 8 months of eating.  During the growing season, we would pick them straight from the Garden.  Over the Winter, we stored the Carrots in the Refrigerator.  Some day, hopefully, we will have a Root Cellar and the Carrots will have a favored spot.

Meanwhile, we weeded while enjoying the Sun on our backs, listening to the Voices of the Weeds (they have a lot to say about the Soil), and enjoying good company.  After we were finished, we stood back and admired our work.  The Rows were clearly distinguishable. Listening closely, I think I could almost hear those Carrots whisper "Thanks".

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