Friday, May 13, 2011

Not a Walking Stick

Yesterday, Richard and Melanie were all set to go on a Garden Walk.  These are usually gentle, meditative, awe-filled, calming walks. We are always wondering about what's growing and what's not.  Plus at this season, we are always in tune to "What's next?" 

Before the Garden Walk, Melanie went to the Chicken House to open the 2nd Door so that the Birds could get more air. She opened that 2nd door and discovered, not 1, but 2 Blue Racers.  That would Snakes.  She emitted a Scream:  "Dad, there's a snake, there's a snake!!!  DAD: THERE'S 2 SNAKES!" This was heard by her Father, who was in the Garden.  "Don't worry, I will be right there."  He was rather calm. 

So Richard went to get the Hoe.  He already had on gloves.  Melanie watched where the Snakes went.  The Chickens paid no attention; they were intent upon their usual activities in the Nest Boxes. 

Richard came in with his mighty Hoe.  Melanie's 1st question was "Are you going to KILL them?"  To which he calmly responded: "No, I am going to put the Hoe on their Heads so I can catch them." Richard is known for his calm. Under these circumstances, Melanie is not. I wouldn't be either. 

Melanie and Richard move around the Feed Pails.  Richard finds the Snake.  He puts down the Hoe on the Snake and grabs the Snake by the Head. Then, he looks at Melanie.  "Do you care if I just throw it over the fence?"  To which Melanie responds:  "Far, far away."  It's hard to get the full picture without the gestures.  Richard says: "I will just take it to the Lagoon, but 1st I will go show your Mother." 

While Richard is gone, Melanie watches the other Snake closely.  It seemed like Richard was gone for a very long time.  But he came back, caught the 2nd Snake and escorted it to the Lagoon.  Richard thought the Snakes were a pair and they were in the Chicken House to escape the Rain.

There's always something going on here on this little Farm.

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