Thursday, May 26, 2011

Poorly and Richly

Right now, our computer is doing poorly.  It just isn't working.  That means I don't have access to picture files.  The regular routine of the writer and artist is a bit challenged.  Maybe it's just time to take a break, or do some reflection.

On Wednesday, we had a lightning strike very close to the house.  The lightning and thunder did not occur simultaneously.  But the space inbetween was the smallest I have ever experienced.  I would surely not want that space to be any less.

We were all 3 in the living room.  Melanie was on the computer.  I had my back to the east window.  Richard had a view of the outside.  The energy in the living room shifted dramatically and instantaneously.  It almost seemed uplifting.  In that precise moment, a spark came off the wood stove (which had no fire inside) and hit the hearth underneath. 

Melanie shut down the computer.  Later, we checked things out both inside and out to make sure everything was O.K.  And it was. And we are. We are reminded that Life can change in an instant.

Yesterday, the mouse on the computer was not working.  And today, the whole computer shut down. We don't know if the lightning strike was related.

Bob is going to help us with the computer when he comes up next week.  We will be grateful to get it restored if that is at all possible.  There is a lot stored on the machine.  I guess it is what it is. And it will work out if it is supposed to.

I am reminded that is important not to sweat the small stuff.  We're all O.K.  And for that we are grateful.  While our computer (which has no name) is doing poorly, we 3 C's are quite well, thank you. In fact, we are doing quite richly.  Life is flourishing and it is indeed a gift.

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