Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sweet Potatoes

May 6:

Today was a Root Day and the Sweet Potatoes were waiting patiently in cue. They are currently in 3 stages: (1) vines emerging from tubers which were in water, (2) vines removed from tubers and placed in water to root, (3) rooted vines held in wet sand. Stage 3 is shown in the Pink Tubs.

I have to chuckle at those tubs. They came from hospital stays over the past 4 years which were no laughing matter. I am not sure what hospital stays. It could have been Dad (2x), Mother (4x), or me (1x). Previously, those tubs brought me considerable angst. I could have thrown them away, but I decided to turn them into something beautiful. They have become our integral partners here on the Farm as they root one of our favorite crops, the loyal Sweet Potato.

I don't know how I got to be this way, but I love to turn situations and objects which hold angst into something beautiful. Life is a lot more joyous that way.

The Sweet Potato Vines have 1 more stage before they go into the Garden. They will soon go outside for little excursions to "harden off". Then, they will be ready for planting which will happen sometime the end of May.

We have 2 varieties of Sweet Potatoes (Georgia Jet, with possibilities of about 80 Vines; and Orange Oak Leaf, with possibilities of 8 Vines). That's way more than we will grow in the Garden, which means that we will be sharing these perhaps at the Seed and Plant Exchange.

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