Thursday, May 26, 2011

Global Warming and Choice

Global Warming
in Climate.
Some Regions get
others Colder.
Some will be Wetter,
others Drier.
will be more
In 2001, I attended
a conference in England
where the 19 participants,
who were
from 5 continents,
were all talking
about changes
in local and regional weather patterns.
Our antenna were up.
A shift was in the air,
and we could feel it.
And to think
that the everyday ordinary choices
that we make in life styles
are driving changes
far reaching
to God's Creation
with which we Humans
have been richly blessed
and sacredly entrusted
for all Beings now
and in the future.
It seems to me
that the best gift
we could give
to the people of Joplin
or other sites of disaster
is to decrease our Human actions
that contribute to Global Warming.
Turn off lights not in use.
Limit use
of heat and cooling.
Choose smaller houses.
Park that car.
Walk or bike.
Buy local.
close to home.
Do not expect
all Humans of the Planet
should live as we do in the U.S.
Look at how they live
and tone down
our overconsumption
of the Planet's resources.
That's the direction
I am headed.
Will you join me there?
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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