Friday, May 6, 2011

Favorite Mulch

My favorite mulch in the Garden is Grass Clippings.  On this day, Richard mowed the yard.  When he was using the push mower, he gathered 3 wheel barrow loads of Grass Clippings.  He placed 1 load around the Potatoes in the Garden.  Our Potatoes are recovering from the 2 nights of Frost earlier in the week.  I put 2 loads around some of the plants in the Flower Beds on the west side of the house.  And I need more.

So why do I like Grass Clippings as Mulch?  They dry to a brown color which is much like the Soil.  They actually dry down very quickly, forming a shield to keep the Soil from washing or blowing away.  Plus, they keep the Weeds from germinating and taking over the place.

This also reminds me that I used to not see the benefits of Grass Clippings.  Neighbors would bag them and send them to the landfill.  We would let ours dry on top.  Over time, we had a mulching lawn mower which efficiently returned the nutrients to the Soil.  The lowly Grass Clippings remind me that there are probably many things that we consider as "waste" which actually have practical uses.  In fact, Mother Nature makes use of all of her waste in the Circle of Life.  Now that's a lesson we Humans need to learn.

Hopefully, over time, I will have more Plants which serve as ground covers. I have discovered that I cannot do it all at once.  So for now, this is as good as it gets.

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