Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Getting Ready

Tomorrow, 15-18 fellow Homesteaders are coming for a work day at our Farm. We are excited. Mostly they will help us get ready for the Seed and Plant Exchange.

Tasks will be varied and weather dependent: garage clean-up, putting down garden paths, weeding, potting up plants and divvying up Seeds for the Seed Plant Exchange, indoor cleaning. Who knows what territory we will cover?  Each of us will lead up different initiatives.  Mike, who is with us for this week, will be heading up the creation of a container to hold the Sand that has been sitting just outside the west door.  We are beginning to imagine what it would be like to not see that deteriorating blue tarp at the end of the west patio.

Tonight, we're getting food ready for the Crew.  I made my favorite kind of Corn Bread which includes corn and stays very moist.  Melanie made peanut butter balls, a high energy afternoon Snack.  Richard started Bean Soup and will finish it tomorrow.  The Kitchen was bustling.  Tomorrow, Mike is making a big Green Salad.

We'd better get a good night's sleep tonight. Night all!

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