Friday, September 26, 2008

4th Batch of Molasses

We will process the 4th Batch of Sweet Sorghum Molasses tomorrow (Saturday, 9/27) at the Family Farm in Millard. This will be the last of the 2008 Season.

Hollis, Hollis Dale, Gerald and Richard harvested the Sorghum Cane yesterday from Hollis' field. It will likely be a smaller batch. We are deeply grateful for the Earth's Bounty and Loving Hands that have gathered to produce Molasses this Harvest Season. The Ancestors would be proud.


caleb said...

Hi there Glinda --

I enjoyed coming out and seeing the beginnings of your garden earlier this summer. It looks like even with all the rain, you all are making out with a haul!

At some point, before winter sets in, I'd like to come out again. One of these days I'm going to pick your environmental studies brain about this monster of a degree I'm designing for my myself.

Anyway, thanks for keeping up the blog - it's terrific, as I know from my own failed blogging, a lot of work


Butterfly Hill Farm, said...

Dear Caleb...
So great to hear from you. We have been thinking of you off and on this summer, and especially these last few days. Give me a call. It would be great to connect.

Good growing wishes,