Monday, September 1, 2008

My Apology

August 31:

Last year, Chester the Tree Frog made himself at home on the West Porch. We aren't exactly sure where he is these days. But we hope he is having a good summer.

Richard found the Little Guy in the above photo in the Garage. We are not sure if he is Chester, but assume he is not. Richard says the Little Guy was nestling in the scoop we use for Chicken Feed. Having just found the Little Guy in the wrong place, Richard was called to action for the immediate creation of a Tree Frog Relocation Program. You never know what job will be your next assignment on the Farm.

Richard's 1st choice for Relocation was in the Little Trees above a favorite area of the Chickens. Upon his placement of the Little Guy there, he concluded that was not the best idea. His 2nd choice was in the Grandmother's Flower Garden. It must have worked. Here the Little Guy is in the Swamp Milkweed. If you look carefully, you will find 3 Monarch Caterpillars who are also at home there.

I apologize for my inability to distinguish 1 Tree Frog from another. I wonder if our Friends, the Tree Frogs, can distinguish 1 Human from another?

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