Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monarchs Are Migrating

On September 18, Richard began noting Monarch Butterflies flying overhead in singles at about 100 feet. They were consistently moving almost in a "stream" toward the Southwest. On September 19, we noted the same, with even more Monarchs in the Air.

We had Dinner outside on the Deck. In the space of an hour, we counted over 30. Was this the Migration? Were they headed toward their winter home in Mexico?

I checked out several web sites. Monarch Watch gave us Peak Migration Dates, which are based on Latitude. We are pretty much on a straight line from Millard, Missouri. The Latitude for Millard is 40.107N. We calculated the Peak for Monarch Migration on Butterfly Hill Farm as September 19. Wow!

If we had been inside watching TV, hunkered down at the Computer, thinking only about Parking on our way to Work or the Mall, we would have missed it. Look up and out, Dear Friend. There is a Beautiful World out there just waiting for us to join.

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