Sunday, September 28, 2008


The last 4 Weekends have been pretty intense with the Making of Sweet Sorghum Molasses at the Crawford Family Farm in Millard. We were ever on Edge. Our "Antenna" were always looking for just that Right Moment to work through the details of Production.

Weather was a factor and had been this whole Summer. We were not sure if we would pull off a Crop and if that Crop would be successful in producing the Molasses we treasure so highly.

We did pull off a Crop and that Crop was successful. We certainly pulled off the most Molasses since the Crawford Family has reclaimed this Family Tradition in 2004. We produced 48 Gallons total (Batch 1: 10 Gallons; Batch 2: 11; Batch 3:16 1/2; Batch 4: 10 1/2). I wonder how many Gallons Richard's family produced. Richard is unsure. Perhaps Hollis, Gerald or John will know.

Today we 3 C's are tired. I am reminded that Life is a Gift from the Divine. I used to work pretty much 24/7, as if my Energy reserves would last forever. I too am a product of my High Speed Culture which is never satisfied with the Present and always demands More. I did that to myself too.

In all those years of being super busy, I got pretty worn out. I kept waiting for Someone outside me to change, Someone to show me the way, Someone to at last say "Enough". I now know I have a choice about these things. I get to decide the Life I choose to live every minute of every day.

In the process of sorting out these things, I could most easily see the consequences of "overdrawing" on one's Cash. Overspending one's Reserves robs one from Tomorrow's Resources. You start out each Day a little further behind than you were the day before. With such consistent practices over the long haul, you can be in a lot of trouble. You can dig yourself a pretty deep hole and it is hard to get out.

I believe that overspending one's Vital Energy gives the same results. Now why would we want to do that?

We 3 C's have learned that we need some Balance. We need "Rest" and "Reflection", which are just as essential as those Days when we have pushed really hard. Somehow, Resting is a way to honor that Sacred Gift of the Divine in Us.

We will be taking it a little easier over the coming days. Life is an amazing Gift. We try to express Gratitude and cherish that Gift of the Divine in us in every step. Why would we even consider doing anything else?

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