Monday, September 29, 2008

Pullet Egg

September 28:

We have confirmed our 1st Pullet Egg for 2008. Pullets are the Little Hennies who joined us as Baby Chicks last May. We may have had 1 Pullet Egg before but we weren't sure. There is simply no doubting this 1. The Little Hennies are now 21 1/2 weeks old. They sure have grown up fast.

On this day, I feel a special kinship to these Little Hennies. I can imagine the shock, awe, disbelief, excitement, the mix of feelings this Unknown Little Hennie must have felt in laying her 1st Egg.

In some ways, I think that this Little Farm is our Pullet Egg. We are new. We haven't lived here very long. We too look with a mix of feelings, including shock, awe, disbelief, and excitement at this Little Farm and her Farmers after only a little over a year.

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