Saturday, September 13, 2008


Friday Morning arrived. The Day was wet and damp, with Heavy Gray Skies and more Rain predicted. I looked outside from my window and I smiled. These 3 little scenes greeted me as I glanced from left to right.
  • A Goldfinch, who was as bright as a Sunbeam, was a perfect Splash of Color for the Gray Day. This Spritely Spirit was pulling away 1-by-1 at the Seeds of the knodding Sunflower Head.
  • 4 Hummingbirds were buzzing about grabbing quick sips of Red Nectar which Richard had placed in the Hummingbird Feeder. With news of Ike approaching Galveston and Houston, I was glad these Tiny Ones were not in South Texas getting ready for their migration across the Gulf.
  • "Gourdey" is our vigorous Gourd plant, 1 of 5 in Grandmother's Flower Garden. (They are all called "Gourdey" since they are intertwined and we cannot tell one from the other.) Gourdey's exuberance for growing is remarkable. He comes in 2 varieties: Dinosaur and Birdhouse. He has extended onto the Cement Pad which some day might be a "Veranda". I noted quick movement on the Wet Cement Pad amid raindrops. Sure enough, a Frog was jumping across the Wet Cement Pad. This little Guy was dark and knobby. He was no longer than 2 inches from the tip of his Nose to the place where a Tail once began. His hops were quite entertaining as he had more strength in his hind legs than in his front. He arrived at an object in the middle of the Wet Cement Pad. (Veranda does sound better.) To my amazement, he had found a 6 inch long Juicy Pink Worm. He chowed down on that Worm and in no more than 12 Seconds, his Breakfast was complete. He sat there for a few more Seconds. I can imagine that he was adjusting his Breakfast, or it was adjusting itself inside of him. And he headed back to the cover of his friend Gourdey.
I headed down the stairs with a Smile on my face and a focus on my own Breakfast. As I begin this Day, I surely am not so different than They

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