Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Little Carving Project

September 19:

In the midst of harvesting Fall Bounty, a Little Carving Project is underway. We 3 C's like to craft useful items from Nature's Gifts that we find on the Farm. For years, Richard has taken a lead here.

In this case, the Little Carving Project is made from Cedar. The Branch was carefully cut because it was overhanging a Path into the Woods. We explored other options, but the best one was to cut the Branch. We expressed gratitude to the Tree, of course, and set the branch aside for another use.

This Little Carving Project from the Cedar Branch will be finished soon. It will have 2 purposes. It will sit snugly among the Sorghum Seeds in their Bin through the coming months. Cedar is a natural deterrent for Pests, not that we have Pests.

I think those sorts of Critters we Humans call "Pests" surely must have other names for themselves. I wonder what names they would have for Humans. That would be the subject of some pondering and another Blog.

This lovely Little Carving Project will also be used by the Humans to stir the Seeds which will give them Air, making sure they are evenly dried. Other images in the Photo are Field Corn for the Chickens, White and Yellow Popcorn for the Humans, plus the tail end of a Rubbery Duck Decoy.

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