Sunday, September 14, 2008

Rain Data

O.K. We have had a lot of Rain. As of today (September 14), WeatherUnderground shows Kirksville at 55.71 inches for 2008 compared with an Annual Average of 24.47 inches. That is more than Double the Annual Rainfall. Looking a little more closely at the Data reported, the average September Rainfall is 1.87 inches. In September, we have had 10.94 inches. And it is just September 14. On hearing that, Melanie asked: "What is going on?"

In our approach to living, we believe there is a Reason for all things. Sometimes we Humans will know that Reason. Other times not. Often there are Lessons to learn. We 3 C's try to be open to those Lessons.

We Humans, particularly those of our Culture, are bent on control. When we are confronted with situations which cannot be controlled, we tend to get a little nutty. Yet, most things are beyond our Control. We need to learn to live with that Flow rather than against it.

We wonder the Reason for all of this Rain, for all of these Storms, for all of these "Natural Disasters". I wonder if the Rain is wearing away something that needs to be left behind. Water does in fact wear away Stone.

In the middle of Tension, a tiny Seed of Peace and Humility seeks to take Root.

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Alline said...

Glinda, this is absolutely lovely. I feel so much better knowing that you and your family are just down the way!