Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Molasses Making Batch 3 Planned

The 3rd Batch of Molasses is planned for Saturday, September 20. Of course, that is the Human Plan. We 2-Leggeds are hopeful all will work out. But we will also let Nature and Weather take the lead. That is surely the way it is supposed to be.

As is our custom, the Cane will be ground into Juice in the Morning. The Strained Juice will be poured into the Pan over the Furnace. The Fire will be lit and the long Process of Cooking Down will begin. At Noon, we have a Pot Luck.

Throughout the Afternoon, we watch carefully as the the Juice cooks down into Syrup. The Fire will be carefully stoked and attended. We never know how long it will take. Dampness, Wind, and the Unique Quality of each Batch make a difference in the Time it takes. Throughout this slower time, we relax by the Fire. It is a great time for Community, Story Telling, and Just Enjoying Being Together. We may even make Apple Cider on the Old Press.

By late Afternoon or Evening, the Juice will become Syrup. At that perfect Moment when the Syrup is just right, the Pan will be quickly removed. Afterwards we have a Family Meal complete with Biscuits to provide the 1st test of the New Batch.

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