Sunday, September 7, 2008


Today was my Birthday. I turned 60. A decidely jubilant day!

For most of my Life in this Culture, I thought being 60 and being Female would be a distinctly miserable fate. It was subconscious, but those little underlying thoughts could not be denied. The consequences of living in both a Youth-Centered and Male-Centered Culture whittles away at the precious Life Energies of Someone Who Just Happens To Be Neither Of These Things.

Somewhere along the Road, I changed my mind. It was never more evident than today.

So where do I sit with those things today? What is my knowing today? At 60 and with whatever gift of moments, days and years I might be blessed to experience ahead, I feel like someone who has had the distinct privilege of living a lot of life. I feel like I have been sitting in a Grandstand of Life. Each year that passes, my seat moves up from the floor. I see more of the Game. I see whole arenas that I never knew existed before. I see how pieces which seemed random fit perfectly together. I see the Preciousness of Life in All of Its Forms. More and more of what I would call Truth is evident. And that Truth cannot be denied. I am more and more sure of Myself. What I Know, See, and Am cannot be denied.

In Traditional Societies, the Elders held and hold Essential Knowledge that was and is ever so important for the Survival and Thriving of the People. They were and are held in highest esteem. They are held as Precious Guiding Lights.

Somewhere along the way, certain dominant voices in my Culture forgot this Knowing. As a result, my Culture has lost essential elements and has split off from itself. Tragically, the Elders are shelved. I would call this a Great Wound to my Culture and worse yet, in the lost lives of those who should be Elders.

These days, I see that changing. I walk with exuberance through yet another gateway. Life is good and I am deeply grateful.

I shared my special day with Mother who is 85 and 2 90 year olds today. When I sat down at the table of the 2 90 year olds, I said: "Today is my Birthday. I am 60 years old." They thought about what I said, and cocked their heads to the side. Then they looked at me in a beautiful Knowing Way as they said: "You are so young."

I am. I have even more to learn. For all of these things, Life is just as good as it gets.

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