Sunday, September 21, 2008

Batch 3 Is Done...

September 20:

We pulled off the 3rd Batch of Sweet Sorghum Molasses at the Family Farm in Millard. This time the Sorghum Cane was from what Hollis grew at the Farm in Millard.

The Batch took 7 hours to make Syrup, which is a little on the long side. Gerald and Hollis estimated the Batch was 110 Gallons, which is bigger than usual. We also had Wind across the Pan off and on during the Day. Wind cools things down and extends the Cooking Time.

As per usual, we gather around the Pan toward the End, watching it closely. The Evening Temperatures are cooler so the warmth of the Fire feels good. This time, we were finishing in the Dark, under watchful eyes and a Flashlight Beacon carefully held by Hollis.

For processing this Batch, we were joined by Dar, Bill, and James who have newly arrived from Pennsylvania, and Rachel and Maria who come from Indiana and Wisconsin. MaLinda's Mother was there too.

Almost every time we make Sweet Sorghum Molasses, we have some Folks who are drawn to the Magic of this Story of Reclaiming an old Craft and working together in Family and Community. Often we are joined by Older Folks who have a tradition of this in their Families and offer their own stories. This whole process is sweet to share.

Jeremy and Sarah who will be wed October 4 were skimming the Batch toward the end. The lovely color of Sweet Sorghum Molasses which is almost done is evident in this Photo. You can see the Skimmer held by Jeremy and the Plate and Spoon for testing held by Melanie.

We await that Magical Moment: "Batch 3 is Done."

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