Thursday, September 25, 2008


Freddie the Rooster (on the left) is pictured here with one of his Lady Friends. He has 35 of them; 19 are from the 1st year (2007) and 16 are the Little Hennies from this year. This one happens to be one of the more seasoned Matrons, Marshmallow.

Freddie takes his job as sole Rooster very seriously. He is ever on the alert. He keeps things safe for the Hennies. He can sound an intense alarm which can be heard across our little Farm. If one of the Hennies sounds an alarm, he comes running in his heavy, grounded, loping run. He finds the best of food for the Hennies and sounds a little call in Chicken Speak. Sometimes we offer food to the Hennies and he calls them too.

Mr. Fredster, as we sometimes call him, has a serious interest in continuing the Species. We haven't "set" any of the Hens yet, but probably will next year. Freddie makes a great doorbell. Whenever a car comes to the top of the drive, Freddie begins to crow.

At night, he sits on a high perch very close to the west door of the Hen House. If anyone even thinks about coming in through that door, Freddie will be 1 of the 1st they will meet.

Freddie reminds me that we all have our roles here on the Farm.

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