Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Fall cannot be denied these days. One can almost feel the Great Wheel turn into another Season.
  • The nights are cooler.
  • An underlying coolness persists during the Day.
  • The Sun is not as intense.
  • The Sun rises and sets close to due East and West.
  • The Days are shorter.
  • As I took the picture of the Coxcombs this morning, a half dozen Canada Geese were flying overhead. They were probably a family group and it was probably the normal milling about that occurs on their practice runs. But they were going South.
  • Birds are hanging out in strings on power lines.
  • The Hummingbirds are feverishly feeding in preparation for their long flight.
  • Orioles are gone.
  • Hawks are showing up in larger numbers and seem to be passing through. Richard and Melanie saw a Cooper's Hawk chasing a Chicken. They quickly responded with: "Not here." The Hennie headed to the safety of the Tall Grass. The 3 C's saw a Peregrine Falcon on the East Side along the Osage Orange hedge. Today, Richard saw a Red-Tailed Hawk.
  • The Big Bluestem and Indian Grass are head high and above.
  • Some Sumac is showing Red.
  • The Zinnias are still beautiful with watercolors flowing together.
  • Plants are setting Seeds.
  • I want warm foods (Soups, Roots, Roasts).
  • I imagine myself sitting by a lovely Fire. We don't have our Woodstove yet.
  • I am seeking out Warm Clothes and Socks.
  • I put another cover on the bed.
  • The 2 Freezers are full.

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