Thursday, September 4, 2008

Molasses Making: Decision Time

The Beautiful Sorghum Cane standing so very tall and proud in our Big Garden has announced: "I'm ready for you Humans to make Molasses." Our Taste Tests show those lovely Canes which we have watched grow from Seeds to 10-12 Feet tall are indeed sweetening up. Just thinking about it as I clatter away at these Keys, I want to go through the motions of chewing the Cane and spitting out the fibrous stuff just before I take yet another bite.

Our original plan, subject to change, was that we would begin Molasses Making this weekend. We weren't sure if the Weather was going to cooperate. These last 2 days, we have had 3.25 inches of Rain, using our Official Unofficial Rain Guage.

The Chickens report things are indeed a bit wet around here. Lacey is standing in water picking up Sunflower Seeds from the platform Bird Feeder just before Melanie dumps it out.The Rain has stopped and is expected to lift tonight. The weekend looks clear. But the Human Weather Gurus with all those advanced Technologies expect that Rain will begin again late Sunday Night.

Windows: Farmers are always paying attention to Windows. When Nature presents a Window, you move.

Richard and Hollis have been listening to such things, with Eyes on the Cane, Weather and Condition of the Field. They have made the decision that: We're making Molasses. Hollis, Hollis Dale, and Gerald will join Richard tomorrow to begin the tedious Hand Harvest.

In the meantime, Melanie and I are getting food ready for the Harvest on Friday and the Molasses Making (with others) on Saturday. Always eager about such things, Richard has headed back to the Field to begin a bit of Harvest as I click away at these keys. He is stripping the Leaves from the Cane with a Cane Knife he carved from Cedar from the Farm.
Things are going to be getting pretty exciting around here in the next few days.

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