Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Meal for Harvesters

I am reminded of the wonderful painting by Grant Wood "Dinner for Threshers". While we surely did not have Threshers here today, we did have Sorghum Cane Harvesters on a small scale.

The Crew descended on our Little Farm seemingly from all directions and the work went quickly because we had lots of eager hands. Such a process almost needs to be sealed by a Meal. The Crew expends energy in Harvesting such things. As energy goes out, energy must come in.

I can surely imagine those Farmwomen of Yesterday and Today with octopus hands moving in all directions. These hardy Women had to respond to needs in the Field. The Wonder Women put a hearty Meal on the table, tended Little Ones underfoot, kept the Home running like clockwork, tended the Garden and kept produce moving from Garden to Pantry and Root Cellar in a myriad of Harvest Forms. I think they could surely turn on a dime.

I was Head Cook today with some back-up support from Richard and Melanie toward the end. I suppose I had it pretty easy. I served up Homemade Bean Soup and Cornbread.

I noted that the Meal was eaten in 2 variations. The Crew which had spent most of their lives in this area put Bean Soup on top of the Cornbread, typically crumbled. The part of the Crew that had spent a lot of years in the North Country served theirs up with a bowl of Soup and Cornbread alongside. Either way, we were nourished and afterwards, we scattered and went about our day.

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