Sunday, September 12, 2010

All Eyes on Sorghum Cane

These Days, all Eyes are on the Sorghum Cane. I chuckle because we almost daily get calls which begin with "How's the Cane?" And yes, those Callers are not just Hollis and Deleta. Even Newbies to these parts have found the excitement around harvesting Cane is "catchy".

Yes, we are closer to Harvest. Hollis is coming on Tuesday. I wonder if Gerald will come too? The "Boys" will do their own Inspection. On that day, we will know when the Harvest will begin. Sights are set on making Molasses either this next Saturday (September 18) or the next (September 25). Stay tuned.

Joni called to wish me Happy Birthday this week. She was on her way from Jefferson City where she is embarking on her 4th year of Medical School to her home in Columbia. Joni wants to bring her Grandma up for Molasses Making. Her Grandma remembers making Molasses and this event would be very special to share. I can anticipate that some Folks are beginning to check the Blog to figure out the status of such doin's. We will post it here.

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