Friday, September 3, 2010

Apples, Apples and More Apples

Melanie was on an adventure off the Farm today. She and Rhiannon gathered with Will, Hannah, Beth, and Christian from the Possiblity Alliance and Victoria from the "Annex".

They were headed toward Blue Heron Orchard over by Canton, which is about 90 minutes away and over by the Mississippi River. Blue Heron is an Organic Apple Orchard.

The plan was to pick Apples. For every 6 Bushels, the Pickers would get 1 Bushel to bring Home. Melanie and Victoria were driving. That plan for transportation was great too, by the way.

About an hour from here, Victoria's car wouldn't go any further. After lining up towing, the remaining 6 stuffed themselves into Richard's 4-Runner, with 2 in front and 4 in the back. Victoria remained behind with her Car.

Upon arrival, they picked and picked. They even managed to share a Pot Luck about noon.

Circumstances at the Orchard created 13 bushels to bring home. Melanie gathered Apples for Cider Making, so they did not have to be perfect. After the picking, Christian and Dan creatively and carefully put 9 Bushels in the Interior of the Car and 4 Bushels on Top. The 6 Humans found their places in whatever space remained.

Admittedly, we do not have a Picture of the fully packed SUV. I guess these paltry words and the Creative Imaginations of the Reader will have to do. Admittedly, we do have a picture of 4 of the Apple Pickers (Hannah, Rhiannon, Beth, and Will) sorting Apples while at Blue Heron.

Thank you, Dan and Sheri, at Blue Heron Orchard. Very gratefully, we will be making Cider at Hollis and Deleta's on Sunday. ~~~~

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