Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some Things Work, Some Things Don't

We have many grand and glorious, small and humble experiments going on the Farm. We don't always know if they will work out. Some times we have mixed results. Overall, we just keep trying.

We took the 3 Hybiscus Plants outside this Summer. They loved their spot on the Northwest Corner of the House with its moderated Sun. I kept them watered and they just thrived. Inside, they were tall, gangly, and spindly. Outside they became sturdy and robust, like Shrubs.

But the Season has arrived when they need to come inside. With the Allspice Plant (which also thrived in the same spot), they form a bank of Plants in the East Window of the Family Room. Every day, we have 3-8 Blooms. Of course, Hybiscus Blossoms only last for 1 day.

Melanie has been wanting to dry Blossoms for Tea. So September 28, she began her little Experiment. She picked the Blossoms and placed them on the Dehydrator Screens. I took pictures. The picture taking was determined to be successful. The drying attempt was determined to be unsuccessful. The Blossoms completely lost their color and they did not taste right.

We still are intent on learning how to dry Hybiscus Blossoms. Perhaps they come from another variety. In the meantime, we are grateful for these beautiful pictures and the fact that the Plants continue to bloom on a daily basis in our Family Room.

Melanie gave us this plant for Valentine's almost 20 years ago. It has been divided into 4 Plants. We gave 1 to Joni and the remaining 3 are here.

Life is an amazing Experiment after all

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