Friday, September 17, 2010

Marcia's Mums

Marcia's Mums are blooming in front of my new Arbor. I remember vividly when Marcia brought them over as a Gift to our Garden and its Gardeners up North. Marcia was my Gardening Mentor Extraordinaire for many years in the North Country. Whenever I see these Mums blooming I think of her. And I smile.

Marcia Melberg was not only an amazing Gardener, she was a very strong and vigorous woman. She was ahead of her time in more ways than I could even know. She was a protector of all things beautiful and living.

We had gorgeous Crabapple Trees lining both sides of our Drive. They bloomed in profusion in Spring, their billowy pink blossoms almost the same color as these Mums. Their branches were nests for Birds. In the Winter, their Bright Red Fruit was color against Stark Winter White and Food for Birds. We just loved them.

Due to public outcry of Folks bent on removing "messy Trees" and to our surprise, the City was cutting them down. I remember Marcia watched carefully for that day when the Cutters were wandering deliberately down our Street. She had called City Hall to request that our Trees not be cut, as had we. On that day, she was out there protecting those Trees. I can still see her looking out her window as we headed off to work. We knew our Trees were safe. The Trees knew they were safe too. Due to her voice and that of others, the City let homeowners keep their Beloved Trees.

Marcia taught me many life's Lessons, not the least of which was speaking out for those things that I love. She taught me to weave a Path of Beauty wherever I choose to walk.

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