Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sheltering Arbor

For my Birthday, Richard, Mike and Rhiannon built me an Arbor over the 3 Benches in the Herb Garden. I am so excited. I have visualized this for some time. This will be a protective and nourishing space for Garden Rest and Reflection.

On Monday, they found the Branches on the Farm. They carefully selected Osage Orange and Willow. On Tuesday, Richard dug the holes and they carefully put them into place. Then they added more to complete the Arbor.

And, by the way, August 29-31 were optimal days for putting in Fence. Mike tells us that during the waning stage of the Moon Cycle, water is drawn down into the Earth. The same action is the basis for the fluctuation in the Tides, which of course are much easier to see. Setting Fence (or in this case, setting Poles for the Arbor) during this time tends to hold the Poles in place. That sounds like a good idea.

Melanie had also consulted the Astrological Sign book that we have, which we always do. This book notes exact days and times of optimal Astrological Sign.

The Old Timers followed Moon Sign information very closely. It must have withstood the tests of time. There's no sense for the Humans going to all this work and not getting the Earth to help too.

So what Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit do I plan to put on this lovely new trellis? The Autumn Clematis which Sarah Saltmarsh gave me has been waiting in cue. It has been eager to head into marvelous vertical places, judging by the fact that it has grown up into the Allspice Plant which was beside it. That is not the best idea since the Allspice will come inside soon. I also plan to add 2 Grapes and another Clematis, likely an earlier bloomer. A Climbing Rose would be nice too. I can just imagine Tea and Friends under the shelter of my beautiful new Arbor.

Rhiannon and Mike have joined us on the Farm for a few days. They are inbetween planned visits and workshops at the Possibility Alliance down the Lane from us. It is wonderful to have them join us. They have traveled for 3 years visiting and working on Farms in a variety of places. They have also taken trainings which have helped them in their quest to "come back to the land". They are eager to help and share what they have learned besides. We are very grateful. It is wonderful to share. Their gentle presence is a nourishing presence to our Little Farm.

Over the coming days and years, I shall remember the special time we have shared and my Birthday too. And I shall smile.

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