Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

On this beautiful Fall Day, Melanie and Richard organized a little Gathering of Homesteaders in celebration of my Birthday which was last Tuesday. Well, perhaps I should make a correction. Melanie organized the Gathering and Richard as per usual was great Back Up.

The day came with many Smiles. I had all the Cards, Warm Wishes, Love, Memories of Celebration of the last few days. More came today.

To my great surprise, Amanda had hitched up Muse and Solomon to the Hay Wagon and driven a load of Precious Ones up from the Possibility Alliance which is 3 miles down the Lane. They had a half Day off from the Permaculture Workshop which is ongoing these 2 weeks.

When they came down our drive, I was just about beside myself. Where is my Camera anyway? The Little Kid inside was jumping for Joy. When I was growing up, I loved Horses and here they were in our Front Yard and at my 62nd Birthday Celebration to boot. How cool is that?

After they arrived, Amanda unhitched the team and took the Loyal Muse and Solomon to a spot for a bit of Shade. They were thrilled about the possibility of a little Green Stuff around the Austrees. We Humans were pretty excited about the possibility of a little Trimming too. Melanie headed to get some buckets of Water. Muse and Solomon let us know that the Green Stuff ran out a little too quickly.It was a day filled with surprises. In the meantime, we had other arrivals: Matt and Sheri from south of Novinger, Jonathan and Deborah with baby Alexis who is now sitting up (they live about a block away from where Dad grew up), Brad and Jane with Floyd and Lois Ann (they came all the way from the Linneus area), and Victoria (from LaPlata). Good wishes came from those who could not attend. Our new Amish neighbors sent 4 of their Children over with some buckets of Popcorn. I loved that. I loved it all.

We had much visiting, checking out the Cane, the new Arbor, the Gardens, and the Chickens. Melanie had prepared a feasting table with homemade Teas and Gluten Free desserts. Yes, I am doing Gluten Free these days and it has help considerably with the Arthritis after only about 3 weeks. I even made a Sweet Potato Pecan Pie sans Crust. That means without Crust. Why hadn't I thought of this before? The filling is my favorite part.

Under the Arbor, we had much conversation. Richard had made a little Table from a Barrel Top he had purchased as extra stuff at a recent Sale. I looked at it very carefully and the words just popped up. That little top was from a barrel which held 49 Gallons of Vinegar. It was from a Grocery in Kirksville. I loved this. Mother would talk about a Pickle Factory where a Lady would give she and her Sisters a pickle a piece on their way home from School. I do not know if the Barrel top was from there, but I do know it brought memories of earlier times in my Family History. That felt really good.

Amid other conversation under the Arbor, we talked about plans ahead for our Little Farms. We discussed the possibility and the logistics of having Interns or Apprentices. I am not sure how we will work this out here, but its time has surely come. We need to give some serious consideration to the provision of housing. I am not sure how that will work out. We'll have to get our heads together on this one.

Katie had just gone out to the Cane Field and was admiring the abundance of Sorghum Cane Heads. Katie and Kyle's son Liam is 4 and he is allergic to Gluten. White Sorghum Cane is a source of Flour. She and I are pretty excited about pursuing some possibilities of use of the Sorghum Cane Heads (which are thought to be Rox Orange). We don't know much here, but will be doing some researching. And, yes, we do save the Cane Heads back for Winter Treats for the Chickens. You Chickens need not worry.

The day passed quickly. Pretty soon, Amanda was hitching up the Team for the ride back. The Birthday Girl with some Companions caught a ride to the head of the Drive. I had forgotten that Horses always go back to the Barn more quickly than when they drive out.

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