Monday, September 6, 2010

Lacey and her Littles

Lacey's Littles are now about 5 weeks old. We can find them just about anywhere the Big Chickens are to be found. I just love hearing her "cluck cluck cluck". That little bit of communication keeps them close. Sometimes I do not see her, but I hear that lovely little sound. And there she is with all 5 in tow. The sound I hear next is "peep peep peep" which I assume is the Chicks way of answering back.

Today I watched them all having dust baths. I was sorry the picture did not turn out any better than it did. I guess the Reader will just have to use her/his imagination.

Soon they will go to the Big House with all the Big Hennies and Roosters. Yes, we have 1 other Rooster on trial.

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